I'm creating a space to hold medicines of language and imagination

Teachings and practices for poets, dreamers, and creative people looking for support.

About this site

Since 1989, I have been working with language as a healing art. I'm a poet, performer, mother, collaborator, teacher, and practitioner of reiki and hypnotherapy; my work is informed by the syntaxes of permaculture, sacred geometry, somatic poetics, and performance art. I have been collaborating with the oracle of Trance Poetics since 2010, and am delighted to now offer it to you as an ever-expanding site of investigation, inquiry, inspiration, and support. This site folds all of my books, knowledge, and teachings into a sanctuary that is evolving in real time. 

Come on in! 

Trance Poetics is an expansive and ever-growing field of knowledge and practices. You will uncover a treasure chest of practices, prompts, teachings that will help to transform and rejuvenate your creative practice; and, you'll be able to connect with others who have also chosen the creative path.

What you'll find

At the core of this site is a homestudy course called Body Mind Writing. This course offers you both practical and intellectual understandings of why the medicines of language and imagination are so important, and how to integrate them into your daily life. It includes over 30 lessons with a combination of mini-lectures, guided visualizations, writing prompts, and self-care journal prompts for you to dip into any time you like. Around this jewel you will find many other offerings including courses on time sculpting, seed syllables, and how to use the medicine of language to bring ease and a practicum to your own healing path. 

Who is this for? 

This site is for all creative beings who are interested in coming together to deepen conversations about process, craft, and healing. The site is a safe place for all people, and we are committed to nurturing it as a sanctuary. 

And so...if you are working on a writing project but are feeling stuck because the pressures of the world (from the pandemic to climate catastrophe) are pulling you down; if you are tired of consuming media and are craving a self-directed way to close your eyes and open into your own creative process; if you are curious about trance writing and its connection to the art of somatic poetics; there will be something for you to discover in this course and evolving community.

Because beyond the book you want to write, the film you want to produce, gallery installation you are envisioning is the much bigger story of why you are drawn to this work in the first place. How you get from where you are now to where you want to be is a winding road that often surfaces deep-seeded feelings of inadequacy and failure, and it’s sometimes hard to navigate it alone. 

I'm here to be with you as a wise woman elder and guide.


A Big Thanks

Trance Poetics is my life work, and I believe that in bringing it forward in this big way can be an inspiration to you as you think about how to sustain your own creative practice through the thickets of a toxic, capitalist marketplace. Thank you so very much for your support of this work; I'm excited to keep on building this practice and bringing you new content, ideas, trances, and live events. 

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